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Queensbury Academy has an integrated approach to meeting the special needs of all pupils.

This may be done through classroom support, individual work, booster classes, short-term intensive sessions or longer periods of help. The College has embraced the new SEN framework so that:

  • The educational needs of all pupils are met effectively throughout the College
  • Pupils with special educational needs have full access to the National Curriculum
  • Pupils with special educational needs are able to take part fully in all aspects of College life
  • Pupils with the greatest need have appropriate access to external support agencies
  • Information about children with special educational needs is collected and shared across the College so appropriate learning targets can be negotiated
  • Parents are kept fully informed about their child's learning needs and they understand the ways in which parents and the College can work in partnership to meet those needs
  • The appropriate resources are available to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs.

Soon available to download SEND Policy. 

Soon available to download SEND Local Offer.